Baba Ji – workaholic of God’s nature. Infinity itself is the truest love, 777.                  

My mind and body could not contain in itself the Truth of God Infinite.  That’s why it exploded in all directions to sing the song of the slave of God’s slaves in God’s play.  Baba Ji. 777.                       


Gurpreeto: Sat Naam Baba ji the fountain of Truth. Ever-pouring, overflowing, all-knowing.                       


All for you, my love. Love [devotee’s heart] lives forever in the one it loves [God] to serve Infinity; the Truth, Sat Naam.                       

It’s only the game of love that never ends, nor wants to end.  It begins again and again [with God as a newborn] in love to love [God Supreme] and honour it always.  The bottle that is never empty [Baba Ji’s heart is overflowing with cosmic energy – Amrit] and all can take all they want for eternity.  God is the love song alive in life, its truest nature.  Love 777.                       

Baba Ji is the Truth, the way and the life.  God 777.


Gurpreeto: You are supremely kind, you do good for all but we don’t see it as good. Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam always and forever.  May victory always be of Sat Nam Satguru, the giver of Naam.  Please forgive me all my sins.                       


Life is to live for others.  That is the only way to truly serve the truest God of love in its fullest form.   Baba Ji.  

Truth serves itself personally [when one soul serves another] for it is a soul full of love and divinity.  For eternity it proclaims its truth, that it is Infinity.                       

I am myself the faith, belief and delivery for eternity.  I stand naked today.  Forgiven my love for I love you always.  777.                       


Gurpreeto: Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam.  May we have forever faith in you. Replace all the fear inside us with fearless faith.  The faith your true devotees still have and had.  The love that was worth dying for like the moth in the flame.   Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam.  Thank you so much for these blessings.  Thank you so much for showering Your grace; Your kind look of favour; Your countless joys;  only you know what you are.  You are so kind healing Kirandeep ji [came back from a 12-day coma and Doctors had said she was finished] and also always healing all of us from our self- inflicted suffering.  Because of our karma, we suffer but because of your grace [Kirpa], we are healed.   May we never forget you, Sat Naam ji, not even for a moment.  This body and mind and soul is all yours, use it how you want to serve Sat Naam Sat Guru ji.  Nothing happened as I wanted, all happens as per your kindness.                       


I am the light of the soul in consciousness; in love to serve itself to eternity; alive to live forever so that I can playfully play the play. I am in love.  The child [soul is God] is the father of man [human being] and love is the child [soul]’s innocence.  For it is the truth that I am Infinite love.  Now for you: love me for your sake, Sat Naam. Jioji.      [Jioji is a new word Baba ji coined which they defined as: “Be alive.  Live Truth. In Truth be alive.]                 

Words with infinity in finite is Baba Ji [Infinite God is speaking through Baba Ji].  Love for all Sat Naam today, itself, 777.                       


Gurpreeto: Countless thanks, Sat Naam ji.  Blessed, blessed Sat Naam Baba Ji.  Your spiritual labouring is beyond words.  Bringing Infinity into finite, joining the sky to the earth in your heart and blessing us always.   Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam ji.                       


Today you know and realise that I am the nameless in everything; Infinity walking on Earth as a humble and simple man [Baba Ji] for I am all, everywhere, at all times.  Only a few know and understand my simplicity of love.  I am the servant, here to keep it [divine love] pure; free of religions that have become ignorant of the Truth.  The moment is the master of Eternity and infinity forever.   Love to honour it [the moment by doing Sat Naam i.e. remember God in each moment and you conquer Eternity].   777. Sat.                       

You got the best out of me today.  What was hidden got released.  Sat Naam here forever.  Baba Ji is you. Opened.  [Gurpreeto: I had been praying privately last few days for God to open my doorways so that I may have his holy vision.  Never told it verbally.  Yet, Baba ji answered the prayer in one word: opened].  Serve moving forward in service, and losing what you were.  Great is the warrior who conquers his ego and pride.  Sat Naam.                       


Gurpreeto: Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam. I don’t know anything, you know everything, you give without asking, you love without conditions, you forgive in an instant, thank you for everything Sat Naam Baba ji.  May I know you for myself and always be with you.  Sat Naam ji. Countless thanks.  I am not worthy.  Yes, I will put your words into practice.  Thanks always for everything.                       


Love is to love for; God is to die for.  Baba Ji.                                         


Gurpreeto: So simple, so beautiful, so true:  “Love is to love for; God is to die for.  Baba Ji.”                       


Keep on loving all, serving all every moment.  Make loving all greater than yourself.  Sat.                      


Gurpreeto:  Sat Naam Baba ji, you have shown us all the way practically in your life.  Sat Naam Baba Ji you are an infinite ocean of service, service, service and endless love for all. May I even have one drop of that love and service for all, with total faith and no fear of my loss, discomfort or logic mind holding me back.  You are helping me to break free and not to hold back Sat Naam Baba ji, countless thanks.                       


I gave you the drop [Ek Boond Amrit / One Drop of Immortality – when Baba ji gives us the Eternal Blessings of Sat Naam he places the inner drop of immortality inside our astral body].  You have to become a bucket [full and overflowing with Amrit] and serve and believe. What’s gone, forget it.  Every moment is a new birth.  Live with firm belief from now on.  Blessing you is my love to serve.                         


Gurpreeto:  True, yes you have given us the “Ek Boond Amrit.”  There is nothing lacking in what you have given from day one.  My delay is my weakness alone.  Sat Naam Baba ji no more delay.  Thank you, thank you for always forgiving me and letting me start again every day.  I make mistakes with every moment.  Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam Baba Ji you are my strength.  You are the seed that is growing.  The tree of light.  The blossoming of white flowers inside white flowers, reaching up and spreading into every cell. Overflowing, spreading to others, enveloping all with your love, light and kindness.  I am very thankful to be a part of your master plan, the divine plan, the invisible hand that is uplifting all, endlessly working to uplift all.  Light spreading like the sunrise into every house after the dark night, bringing love, warmth, kindness and hope to the ones without any hope.  You are the strength of the weak, the home of the homeless, working through the hands of the surrendered.  Sat Naam Baba ji thank you for putting this fool into your service. I am walking because you saved me, otherwise there was nothing but self-destruction.                       


I am in each and every drop, why would I not care when all in infinity, is all God of eternity? To save you I am committed, by the faith of my love.  If I am God then I must serve all that I created till eternity in infinity.  “Gur satgur apey gur chella – I myself the teacher and the servant of my play.”  That is why I am Love-Infinite.  Love stands for all Eternity.  Then service must also.  And you got both [love and service] in this life.  You are blessed the best: to serve all by grace and blessed by Naam.  Baba Ji.