Dear Keith ji and John Ji,

Satnaam Ji

I was also initiated by 5 words by Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission (SKRM) – Sant Rajinder Singh ji Maharaj in 1993. This happened only as a coincidence as my friend took me there as he believed in them and I accompanied him as I thought it to be better than wasting my time doing anything else which was not spiritual at that time. I never knew anything about SKRM spiritual group or what initiation will actually mean. During initiation the Master had placed the tips of his fingers on my head and I felt a very high voltage of say current flowing through my body followed by visions of stars, Master etc. I did not know or understood what it meant.

I always believed in Hindu Gods and Goddesses (particularly Shri Mata Vaishnodevi Shrine) and even after reaching home continued my worship till the year 2010 (17 years even after initiation ) in a very ordinary conventional manner for 15 to 20 months before leaving for office in the morning and after returning back from office of Hindu deities only . Somehow in the year 2010 I felt a strong desire to switch to SKRM process of Amritvela Simran of minimum 2.5 Hours per day with light and sound. This was not because I did not get what I sought from Hindu Gods and Goddesses and as a matter of fact I never sought liberation till that time but only materialistic objects and I was blessed with more than what I deserved.

Believe me I have not physically seen my Master till date from 1993. I never even tried to meet him till date. I joined this Group as I was reading internet (Google) about spiritualism specially more on the 5 words out of which Satnaam being one brought me to the intranet portal of this Group. I had the privilege of communicating with Harjit Lakhan ji who kindly added me to this very special group and I started receiving Mails daily which I very enthusiastically read and await daily morning.

I wish to inform you that I still practice light and sound and Simran of 5 words and also get occasional Darshans of Astral bodies of various Saints like  Babaji / Dassan Dass ji / Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj / Kirpal Singh JI Mahraj and my current Master Rajinder Singh Ji Mahraj. Occasionally Guru Nanak Ji / Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj / Gautam Buddha Ji etc as also Gracious. I get Darshans of one Sikh Saint who I cannot I dentify till now and is the most common. This Sikh Saint radiates immense love and is very bright in white. I always felt a very strong bonding with him like I have known him. I have tried to ask him to please tell me his identity but the Gracious Saint only keeps smiling and does not answer. I do not know why? I just bow to all of them as taught to us by Gracious Babaji and Dassan Dassji. All my spiritual questions or queries are answered during meditation and guidance is also available either through extremely faint whispers inside the ear or it will come somehow in mind during meditation or dream subsequently  but it will always be taken care of. Therefore, I started to believe and still believe that the relationship between a Master and student needs to be earned or sought or developed never by exerting our self in seeking physical Darshans in testing climatic situations but only through more and more efforts in the silence of the night as Dassan Dass ji tells us with total love and absolute surrender.

I would also like to share that I was also extremely confused but the Golden words of Dassan Dass Ji and Babaji – Naam Di Kamaai, total surrender, prayer to make me nothing, utmost humbleness  coupled with Amritvela meditation are just revolutionary.

I have noted that whenever I followed the Golden words above during meditation on 5 words in light and sound principle the higher spiritual planes appear. However, whenever I forget to remind myself of the above Golden words before meditation or subconsciously during meditation stage to keep myself continuously open to more and more receptivity the complete session is not satisfying as the 5 thieves put the blanket of darkness.

I may be wrong and subject to correction on my views and methods but I will try my best to improve my shortcomings.

Seeking your forgiveness,

Dust below your feet


Amit Malhotra

Reply from John of Satnaam

Sounds like you have gotten further than us……………God for you


Dear John ji,

Satnaam Ji

I am not capable of deserving anything.

Babaji ,  Dassan Dassji and Preetoji  are  the source of motivation and guidance for all of us and we  love and respect them.

They inspire us, guide and give Darshans also. They know that we come from different religious groups but they still treat everybody with the same love, compassion and kindness.

We always get their support for any problems. They can know like a true Specialists or Doctors of this field the shortfall in our effort. I have noted that you just need to focus on that  part and you will be lifted up.

I pray to God to give the balance part of my life to these holy Masters as the Mankind needs them.

Please lift your foot now and you will find me.


Amit Malhotra,

Reply from Dassan Dass ji

Satnaam jee first sant from the lineage which is now known as Radha Soami was blessed gurparsaad by Dassam PATSHAH jee. Anil jee one of the highest level golden word is Satnaam Simran too that we told you to focus on. God bless you all.


Dear Dassan Dassji and Babaji ,

Please advise :

Only Satnaam Simran for 2.5 hours a day and no other word?

No sound Meditation.

May I consider this to be gurparsaad from your holiness?

Do I need any more permission / authorization / initiation or any other requirement to be fulfilled from my side prior to doing this Simran ? Should i just dedicate myself completely only to Satnaam Simran now?

Something inside me tells me to do it but other part says that 5 words from my  Master have also never  let me down ever and always brought spiritual progress ?? O god please help me.


Amit Malhotra,


Reply from Dassan dass ji

No Master gets offended if he does then he is not a master, no Master gets offended when you serve PURAN SAT, IF HE DOES SO THEN HE IS NOT A MASTER, WITH DUE RESPECT TO ALL THE PURAN SANTS, THIS IS PURAN SAT AND DARGAHI HUKAM, and you yourself have been experiencing it as you said it yourself, all you need to do is focus on Satnaam Simran, more the better, don’t count hrs , go in long sessions of Simran, the more the less, and keep surrendering with tunn Munn dhan and with love devotion and trust, REMEMBER IT IS YOUR DESTINY THAT BROUGHT YOU HERE, not anything else, RESPECT YOUR DESTINY AND DO YOUR BANDGI. God bless you.



Dear Dassan Dassji and Babaji,

Satnaam Ji

O Holy one, I bow at your feet a billion times.

As desired by you I have started only Satnaam Simran now.

I noted that this is the most powerful Simran.

Upon starting Satnaam Simran I observed that it shattered the 5 thieves and did not permit them to lead or interrupt the Simran by creating various obstacles at Amritvela.

I saw my dead body being burnt on the funeral Pyre.

Soon thereafter Satnaam Simran stopped and I could hear very loud sounds of Buddham Sharanam at short Intervals and some visions of I guess Buddhist Monks.

It was Amritvela and as we are located in Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates. There are no Buddhist Monastries anywhere. There are only Mosques which give loud Azzan 5 times a day and this was very loud and clear sound of Buddham Sharanam inside my ear. I do not know from where it was originating

Soon, this stopped and I saw the first Sikh Saint Guru Nanak Ji in front of me.

This was followed by the vision of a black and white Television in which there were only bubbles and no programme. I saw a hand which was tuning these channels through remote control.

The whole experience was so intoxicating and memorable that I still remember it.

Whenever, I sit now in Satnaam Simran there is a feeling inside that something will happen soon. I wish to overcome this as I desire to leave everything to you to bless as appropriate.

Gracious Masters, I am a sinner and do not deserve what you have so kindly and effortless bestowed on me.

Please forgive my sins and be a guiding torch of my life.

I thank you again and again.

Satnaam Ji


Amit Malhotra,

Reply from Dassan Dass ji

Satnaam Jee this is what happens when you follow the truth, we deeply appreciate your dedication, trust, love and devotion for Satnaam now, this was the dargahi hukam that we have been trying to deliver to you and serve the puran sat to you, you are very fortunate to be so blessed with the gurparsad now, please keep enhancing your trust, devotion, love and faith in satnaam and keep surrendering yourself, this will continue to take your bandgi higher and will take you to the dargah, god bless you all.

Dassan Dass

Preeto ji

Thankyou for trusting dassan dass baba ji and doing just satnaam and seeing for yourself the Truth.  Thankyou for sharing.  God bless you.

Dear Preetoji,

I am a sinner and therefore wasted time in stupid evaluations. I could have utilized the time more efficiently.

But nevertheless unless you see dark you cannot understand light.

Please forgive me O holy one.

Sir, Please advise if it is permissible by the Masters  to share our spiritual experiences with persons inside and outside the Sangat .

Many religious groups forbid the same and insist sharing only in private with the Master.

I will follow the your guidelines on this.



Amit Malhotra,


Reply from Preeto ji

Satnaam ji, baba ji says if gurus didn’t share their experiences by writing it gurbani then whole world would have been struggling to know there is Truth beyond this materialistic mind.  So baba ji encourages us to share experiences as it can also teach others there is more than just this world and we all learn from your expwrinces.

Only thing to be wary of is getting proud of experiences ans also then thinkibg we are better than others because we see spiritual things, and also be wary of just making experiences the target of your simran, because even those astral realms you go to are just heaven’s and bells, but not realm of Truth – sach khand.  Soo don’t get lost in those world either , it is all still Maya except for the word SAT said baba ji, even the word Naam is part if Maya as it is description of word SAT.  So even word Naam drops off later one.

God bless you.

Dear Dassan Dass Ji,

Satnaam Ji,

May I ask your holiness that Sir, are you God ?

I have realized that yes you are because you effortlessly take your students in the higher spiritual planes.

I had completed Satnaam Simran today morning at Amritvela for about 2 hours and there were sweet fragrance in the room inspite of nothing virtually being present. I had decided to rest at about 5 AM in the morning to catch up with the office by 6:30 AM.

I was doing Satnaam Simran after lying down in the bed to sleep.

I noted that I was flying holding a rock and below me there were large mountains passing by. Soon I reached a cliff opening into the Cave. The passage was so narrow that I was holding the rock which I was travelling very tightly to avoid falling and continuously doing Satnaam Simran.

This rock landed safely at the entrance of a cave. There I saw few Guards dressed in red and white who attacked me. I was initially doing Satnaam Simran mentally then I started to do it very loudly but still they were attacking me. Then I saw Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna in front of me. The guards then disappeared. Both the Gods welcomed me and then moved out of the cave. I then saw a couch on which were seated 3 ladies who were talking with each other about something. I realized that they were Goddesses Maha Kali, Maha Lakshmi and Maha Saraswati. Then appeared Mother Vaishnodevi. I had been her devotee for nearly 20 years and always till date visit the holy shrine every year in Jammu during my India visit. I placed her holy feet on my head and took her blessings. I also saw some other Gods. One of them was saying to other that he should not think bad about his wife. I thought how can the Gods think like this? If Babaji and Dassan Dass ji will know they will never approve this? I also saw a lot of people sitting in a queue and on benches. I was told that they are waiting perhaps for their turn to be born again in this world. I was told that they were told to work hard there so that they can reap best Materialistic fruits after birth in this world. I thought why work to come again and not work hard to gain salvation.

I woke up to go to the office.

O holy ones with your blessings and grace you have made me see so many things which I was neither capable of or deserved.

I have no brains to understand all these changes and happenings daily but yes I know only about your grace due to which Satnaam Simran is beginning to change my life.

I cannot wait for evening to happen to rededicate my self again to this holy cause.

Sir, this is very infectious and keeps us excited all along the day.

Yours Nothing and Dust below your holy feet

Satnaam Ji

Reply from Dassan Dass ji

Satnaam jee we are nothing zero zilch this is all gurkirpa gurparsaad, TERI UPMA TUJHI KO ARPAN, this is all rehmat of dhan dhan SAT PAARBRAHAM PARMESAR.

Dear Omanaa Ji,

I was initiated by Gracious Saint Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj in 1993 through the principle of light and Sound Meditation through 5 words out of which Satnaam was the fifth word.

Instead of only Satnaam Simran the students were asked to practice Simran of these 5 words and concentrate listening to celestial sound on right side of the ear.

After practicing this since 2009 I have been guided into only Satnaam Simran by Dassan Dass Ji which I started last week only and am  now experiencing the energy of it which is just state of the art / wonderful. I have no control and Satnaam takes me everywhere.

I thank Dassan Dass Ji and Baba Ji Maharaj a billion times.

Dust below your feet Ji




Please forgive me for writing Mails daily to seek and learn from the learned Sangat as I am a new student who joined in this class less than a week back and know nothing.

Today at Amtitvela Satnaam Simran, I was being continuously attacked by 5 thiefs. The entire Simran went thinking of various finances, costs, justification of expenditures, Dasvands and their related justifications  etc etc.

Sir, I tried my best to concentrate but after a few repetitions of Naam again the same disturbance. My efforts were not fruitful.

At about 5 AM in the morning at the fag end of Simran during Amritvela Meditation a dark black lady appeared. She started sarcastically laughing at me. I continued with the simran but she continued to laugh sarcastically.

I recognized knew her as she had come earlier also in my dream after Amritvela Meditation when I was practicing 5 words meditation. At that time she was not wearing any clothes and  made me indulge in a sinful act. I never desired to indulge in such acts outside the marriage and whenever such thoughts appear during Simran or otherwise I always used to call my Master to help me. I had noted at that time (5 Words Simran in the past) that she forced me in the act for which I had no intentions before and after. Subsequent to this she laughed and went away. I had kept cursing myself for doing this and noted that this was not done by my free will as she held me and made me do it. I am and was upset till date at falling down from grace and what will my Master at the tenth door feel about his student.

Today morning she had appeared again. Initially in humbleness I requested her to let me alone however it did not matter to her. Then I threatened her and the 5 thiefs that my Masters Dassan Dass Ji and Baba ji are very powerful and I used their names to scare her. However, she was not relenting and continued to laugh and mock at me. I told her that everybody in the Sangat knows and even outside also now know, as it in the Intranet Portal, that Dassan Dassji had thrashed you badly and you had to ask for forgiveness next day. Shall I complain to them about all your misdeeds with their students and then they will not spare you? Sir she did not still relent. I saw a belt in my hand and started thrashing her body with full force continuously. I noted that she stopped laughing and things became quiet.

I went to the bed to sleep.

O Masters, the Satnaam Simran is causing revolution inside my body and mind. I do know or understand what is going on daily at a very rapid speed and it is not even a week since I switched over to this from 5 words simran. Please forgive my sins and help me. I have now started to use your Name to cause fear in 5 thiefs without which I am nothing and absolutely alone. Your presence and Naam is the only hope which gives me courage and keeps me going. Please hold my hand very very tightly and never leave it because I feel afraid / scared without your presence.

Please make me the dust below your feet and Nothing.

Please shower your Grace and support I need this badly as every day Amritvela is now different and extremely eventful.

Sorry, for writing AND TROUBLING you daily.



Reply from Dassan Dass JI

Satnaam jee this is maya, instead of threatening her with our names you should have recited Satnaam, but thrashing her was good, you will have to win over her to complete your bandgi. God bless you.


Dear Babaji and Dassan Dass Ji,

I thank you a billion times today for your extreme kindness and grace.

I started the Amritvela Satnaam Simran today and within a very short time perhaps 5 mnts Babaji you blessed me by your Darshan at the Dassam Dwar.

You remained with me blessing me with your continuous Darshans for the entire 2 Hours of Amritvela Simran. You also called Dassan Dassji who remained at Dassam Dwar though only for a short time.

Master Babaji you kept smiling continuously however when I talked to you O holy one you did not respond but kept on smiling. I was so lost in your charm that Satnaam Simran was replaced in between with only quite Darshans, your remembrance and love. Masters you have blessed me with a lot more than what I deserved please talk to me also at Dassam Dwar. I need your guidance always just like a breath for life.


Babaji I have started to see you smiling whenever I close my eyes.

Babaji when I went to sleep and closed my eyes today morning I saw you in the blanket and my body was replaced by yours. When I woke up to brush my teeth you were brushing, when I bath you were bathing, when I had my breakfast you were having it. When I left my home for office you were with me. When I think of you, you appear in open eyes vision and with closed eyes I just now saw you smiling at Dassam Dwar. You are with me even now. I am not writing this Mail, you are writing. Since today morning I am seeing you everywhere. I have a feeling that we are not apart and divided by geographies, oceans and countries. You are more close to me than I am to myself. You breathe in me and I breathe in you now. I have totally lost myself it is now Babaji writing to Babaji and Dassan Dass ji. Masters please talk to me at Dassam Dwar my entire body is yours, my heart, soul, body cells, blood cells, tissues and every rom rom is thirsting now for you. All channels of my body are completely open please come right in without any delay. When I walk you walk with me, when I eat you eat with me, when I sleep you sleep with me, when I work you work with me, when I attend to office business you attend with me .

Amit is dead now only Babaji and Dassan Dass ji live in him.

Tu hi Tu –  Tu hi Tu –  Tu Hi Tu – , Main Nahin , Main Nahin, Main Nahin,

Main aur Kabhi bhi Nahin.

Babaji and Dassan Dass Ji, I am Rang hin, Roop Hin, AAkar Hin, Dharam hin, Seva hin, Granth hin, Panth hin, Dhan hin, My eyes cannot see you, My ears cannot hear your voice, My hands cannot hold you, My feet cannot walk on your path, I cannot do your Simran on my own. I am just a broken body and not capable or worthy of anything. You have bestowed everything to me but I honestly deserved absolutely nothing.

Holy ones I am blessed today with your visions please bless me also with your audible guidance. When you are there I am not afraid and no thief can dare to enter but without you I am alone, scared and nothing. Satnaam in not a different entity, it is you and only you.

I keep on thinking throughout the day and night and often find that my thoughts were of you and only you. I love you so much that it hurts .

I see now Babaji sending this Mail to Babaji , Dassan Dass ji and Sangat ji.

Dust below your feet Ji

Satnaam ji

Reply from Baba ji



Dear Dassan Dass Ji and Babaji,

Satnaam Ji

Thank You a Zillion times for you have now enveloped my body. Whatever I am doing is currently within your bodies. We walk together in the Market, come to office together, sleep together, eat together, drink together, live together.

Masters you talked only Satnaam to me today in Amritvela at Dassam Dwar . I thank You Again and Again.

I was sitting mostly quietly in Amritvela today and with closed eyes I realized that Babaji was sitting in my place. Soon thereafter Dassan Dassji replaced Babaji even though, both were quiet but still Satnaam Simran was being heard in the ears.

Dassan Dassji,  I did not know when did you leave and then appeared the Sikh Saint who I had been seeing very occasionally during Amritwela for some years. This time however,  I realized that he was the founder of Sikkhism – Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Sahib. He was in white beard, white Turban and absolutely white clad dress. Tears started to fall from my eyes which were unstoppable. He hugged me very tightly and wiped off my tears with his hand. I told him that I was sorry that I could not recognize him earlier. I thanked him again and again for bringing me to the holy feet of Dassan Dass Ji and Baba ji. Guru Nanak Ji started smiling with love and compassion. I hereby would like to submit to you Masters my discussions with him as I recollect :-

Guru Nanak Ji had now enveloped my body subsequent to Dassan Dassji . He was very kind and smiling. There were tears falling from my eyes :

I said Guru Nanak Ji I do not have many friends in the Sangat. Taranjeet Ji did not respond to my request for friendship . He perhaps still seems to be upset with me. I have already said sorry to him.  Dassan Dass Ji says that I should learn from Taranjit’s surrender and Bandagi. Please bless Taranjit Ji and tell him to forgive me.

Guru Nanak kept on smiling I continued further.

Sir, Avtar ji is a nice person he always confesses and is sincere too. Guru Nanak Ji please forgive him and bless him.

Guru Nanak Ji, Keith Ji, Guru dassa Ji , The Guy who rocks Ji and John Ji are very nice  please help them in their spiritual quest.

Guru Nanak Ji, Preeto Ji takes care of the entire Sangat and serves selflessly please bless him.

Guru Nanak Ji, Pritam Anand Ji always sends interesting and situation based quotes. But do you know that he translates them into understandable English also due to which I can understand please bless him.

Guru Nanak Ji, Omanna Ramkrishan  is a very sincere Abhayasi of Naam please help him achieve his desired spiritual objective.

Guru Nank Ji , Singham sends beautiful Rumi Quotes and he deserves your blessings.

Guru Nanaj Ji was listening very quietly and smiling continuously, I continued further,

Guru Nanak Ji please bless Harjit Lakhan Ji .  Please also bless Madam Manjula Ji, Madam Mini Ji , Madam Swaraj Ji , Jashan Ji and all.

Please bless Jasdeep Ji and a new born baby member in the Sangat.

Guru Nanak Ji said is there anything else that I should do and I replied yes so many other things

Please bless each and every Member of this Sangat whom I could not remember or mention and help them achieve their spiritual objectives through Babaji and Dassan Dassji.

Guru Nanak Ji then said is that all and I said no

Please bless my Parents in New Delhi.

My wife and son have recently got the holy Naam from Dassan Dass Ji but are sleeping in the other room as they are unable to wake up yet at Amritvela . Please bless them.

My mother in law and 55 innocent teachers are suffering in Tihar Jail due to dirty politics of Corrupt Chief Minister. Please bless them.

Guru Nanak Ji said is that all you desire and I replied No

Please hold my hand tightly and never leave me alone, please give me Darshans at Dassam Dwar and guide me everywhere.

Please bless me with the Bandagi and whatever is required to achieve spiritual progress in this quest.

There was a continuous flow of tears from my eyes and Guru Nanak Ji smiled, wiped these tears, hugged me tightly.

I had completed 2.5 hours of Simran which looked as it was just 20 mnts or so. I was feeling extremely light

I did not know how and when Guru Nanak Ji left and I was enveloped now within Babaji’s body and went to sleep.

I bow at the holy feet for Baba Ji and Dassan Dass Ji again and again and also bow at the holy feet of the entire Sangat and seek your forgiveness.

Masters you are just the best without even realizing you take your undeserving, useless and incapable student into regions which I had not known or even thought ever existed. These always seemed like stories to me in the past.  I am unable to even understand anything. I am not doing even a thing or an effort.

You only give me the holy Naam, you only wake me up at Amritvela, you make me sit in Simran, you do the Simran, you call Saints and bless me with their Darshans. I do nothing except just watching and can only say if this is not “Wonderful Teacher” –     Wahe Guru ———– Wahe Guru ——————- Wahe Guru then what is it?

Tu Hi Tu – Tu Hi Tu

Masters please bless me with utmost humbleness like Taranjit Ji, and make me nothing.

Dust below your feet ji.

Reply from Preeto ji

Satnaam Amiit ji, thankyou for praying for us all infront of SatNaam Baba Nanak ji, we were very touched by your kindness towards us and others, we also need your prayers and blessings, we are nothing good ji, just a stubborn donkey in Baba ji’s service, God bless you always brother.

Preeto ji,

My Master Dassan Dass Ji and Babaji are powerful.

They Give Naam and also do Simran. They only bring the Saints and they talk to the saints. Main Kaun??

I am nothing and have no qualities.

Whatever was requested to Guru Nanak Ji was by Dassan Dass Ji and Babaji only

Tu Hi Tu – Main Nahin – Ab Bilkul Nahin – Kabhi Nahin

Satnaam Ji



Reply from Dassan Dass ji

Satnaam jee next time when you see any Satguru sahib ji or any sant bhagats please do dandaut to them and kiss their feet. God bless you more.



Dear Dassan Dass Ji and Babaji,

Satnaam Ji.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for blessing me a sinner with so much of your kind grace.

I write to submit this at your holy feet Babaji and Dassan Dassji with utmost humbleness and admiration of your blessings as you are Wahe Guru:

Sir, with your kind blessings this useless, not capable and non deserving student of yours practiced Satnaam Simran during the weekend which here in Emirates being an Islamic Country is Friday and Saturday.

Babaji, I continued to get your kind Darshans at Dassam Dwar more or less continuously with minor gap occasionally in between. During the evening Meditation this continued and as I was about to get up my thought reached towards the earlier Darshan of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Immediately upon remembrance, Guru Nanak Ji appeared in white dress with White Turban and absolutely white long beard which was and extended upto his Nabhi (Navel). Upon his appearance Guru Nanak Ji told me that you had sought my Darshans at Dassam Dwar in our earlier meeting (during Meditation) and I was waiting for you to seek the same why this delay in seeking he said smiling? I was just carried away. I sought his forgiveness and did Dandouth. During Dandouth I saw Vaishnodevi Ji with her trident walking on my back. On the ceiling towards the right were Guru Nanak and on the left Babaji showering their blessings.

I stood up and subsequently went to take bath while pouring water from the bucket on my head with eyes closed, I noted that Guru Nanak Ji was also taking bath from the same bucket and his long white beard became wet. He then enveloped my body and as self and family walked on the streets of Abu Dhabi I noted that I was walking within Guru Nanak Ji. I could see his turban on my head and long white beard below. We went to a restaurant for Dinner and Guru Nanak Ji was having food with me enveloping my body. When we came out the breeze from the Ocean passed through his beard and I could see the flutter. Your Holiness, I could not understand what was going on.


Babaji and Dassan Dass Ji you woke me up during Amritvela Simran again and as I started the Simran I received your Darshans at Dassam Dwar however soon I noted that my mind began to insult you. I immediately realized that Maya is somewhere around I could see the black lady in a corner and then I started thrashing her repeatedly with belt. Master, this time she did not go and became a very ugly, she had her dirty long hair standing all above her head, long nails, red eyes, crooked and was very angry on me and extremely horrible looking . I saw a hockey stick in my hand and started thrashing her with all might. The mental Simran of Satnaam was not coming even as I tried hard. Then I switched to Satnaam Simran with tongue and with all might started hitting her with hockey stick. I broke the bones of her neck, ankle, shoulder, and then I hit her hard on her face, her teeth were broken and went inside her mouth. She was bleeding with blood coming out of her mouth.  She still attacked me. I then with all my might hit her neck with the hockey stick and her neck got disengaged from the body and fell away, she caught hold of her neck and placed it back on her shoulder and attacked me again, Sir, I again broke her neck and she placed it again. This continued for 5 to 6 times. There was blood all hers on the floor, she was not willing to go this time. I prayed to Master and Guru Nanak Ji seeking help as I was tired breaking her but she was not relenting. Guru Nanak Ji appeared and he lifted the broken / shattered Maya and threw her outwards / upwards. Maya then went through the wall of the house into the sky and disappeared. However, she came back sitting inside my Mother from Delhi, India and started attacking me with her very long dirty nails. Dassan Dass Ji and Babaji as guided by you I started to thrash her again with hockey stick after that she came through my wife and young son sleeping in the other room. I did not bother and continued breaking her body. Soon everything stopped and as I started the Satnaam Simran I noted a big witch from inside my body came out through the head and disappeared. I was then enveloped by Babaji’s body and I asked my Master sir where were you and did you see all this? Babaji you had replied that I was with you all the time and watched everything completely. The entire session was like watching a 4 D Cinema.

Today morning again at Amritvela Babaji subsequent to your enveloping I was enveloped by Guru Nanak Dev Ji and after some time I was blessed with the Darshans of Sant Kabir Ji. I asked Guru Nanak Ji sir please let me be with you only and I do not want to go to Kabir Sahib yet. Guru Nanak Ji appeared and after some time I was also blessed with Guru Arjan Dev Ji’S Darshans. I am still enveloped by Guru Nanak Ji Maharaj who is now typing this Mail.

Dassan Dass Ji , you had desired that your student should do Dandouth and kiss the feet of Saints. Sir, during that time the student is within the body of the saint and not out of it ? The charm, the celestial fragrance etc is so intoxicating. O holy one please guide how should this dumb and useless student of yours follow your instructions. This Dandouth if done at that time spiritually will imply the saint doing it to his own self and alternatively the student is not in a position come out of this stage and do it physically at that time. Sorry for seeking again.

Babaji and Dassan Dass Ji  I am not so deserving, neither capable and also do not have any good virtues. I used to watch occasionally bad movies with my friends or alone, I was never a completely truth speaker, neither did I always earn money with all ethics etc etc. Sir, How can you be still so kind to a sinner like me ? Please forgive me and shower your grace.  The entire experience given by you to your student  is so beautiful and like watching a 4 D cinema in which the student smells sweet fragrances, the currents move from the body from the bottom to top, the student is amazed, scared and awed.

Dassan Dass Ji and Baba Ji I thank you again and again for blessing this useless sinner. Please bless me with utmost humbleness, surrender and may I remember you with  every thought and do Satnaam simran with every breath.

The word I being used here is only as an expression in English to express please do not consider it as an ego. Here I also implies as Combination of Dassan Dass Ji / Babaji and Guru Nanak Ji bodies which envelope their student at different times. Please pardon my mistakes. I will try my best to improve.

Satnaam Ji,

Dust below your feet Ji,

Tu Hi Tu – Tu Hi Tu,

Main Nahin – Kabhie Nahin – Bilkul Nahin

Reply from Baba ji

Blessings satnaam , sabh vich eko vartadah, nirgun sargun eko jaan, all representing sat in halimee  and nimrata in absolute compassion is but one noor playing. Thus baba nanak, dassan dass and this worthless shit is satnaam reps, thus together sat parbrahm jio ji is this noor itself. The envelop is  making all dance in the right prespective and the trident represents the three dimensional mind ida,  pingla, susamma the three in the spine, the three dimensional illusions of maya.

Reply from Dassan Dass ji

Satnaam Jee god bless you, please keep doing your simran and keep surrendering at the sat charans of your satguru, as far as maya is concerned you will have to win over maya yourself, you need to collect more naam dhan and drive panj doots from your body out and win over your desires, then only you will be able to defeat maya.



Dear Dassan Dass Ji and Baba Ji.

Satnaam Ji.

Sir I am your new student who has very recently started to learn to practice Satnaam Simran under your holy guidance.

Please forgive my mistakes and guide me on the following:-

Whenever the student practices Naam with the sweet remembrance and love of the Master with a view only of seeking the Darshans of his Master, the gracious Master then appears at the Dassam Dwar and blesses the student with more or less continuous Darshans. The Master also envelopes the body of his student and takes the student with him in to the beyond. The Master blesses his student with Darshans of Saints of the highest order of the past. The Master shows his student that he is closer to him than the student is to himself. The Master lives with his student 24 x7 each and every day. The thoughts of the student during Simran and subsequent to it fluctuates only between Satnaam Simran , Master, Saints and Sangat during this practice. The student is so overwhelmed that if he does not see his master or the saints in Meditation or normally he becomes restless, anxious and even starts crying. The separation of these visions from the student are like separation of fish from water or breathe from body.

Whenever the student practices Naam without seeking the Darshans of his Master with the view to let things come as they will on their own, the student realizes that the entire session is passed with the holy Naam knocking the Iron Curtain and there is hardly any satisfaction. This is only then a Mechanical activity. The thoughts of the student then fluctuates from Satnaam Simran, Family, office, works in hand, financial burdens etc etc

Babaji, in your response to one of the Mails you had referred to the student that Sr No 1 is ida  pingla susamma, ,the three in spine ,the three dimension illusions of maya.

Dassan Dass Ji in your response you had indicated that the student will have to win Maya by himself.

Does this imply that that Sr No 1 and 2 both are Maya only?

Please also guide on the following:-

Sr No 1 is the most intoxicating and blissful process but does this imply that we are clutching or holding hard on Darshans of the Master, Saints etc? Is this correct? Should we leave it to the Masters to bless automatically without seeking for them or being receptive for them? In such a case if the student does this it becomes Sr No. 2 above.

Dassan Dass Ji you always teach us to focus on Satnaam Simran , Naam Di Kamaai. In Sr No 1 the student focuses only on the Darshans, love and grace of his Master and notes that the Simran also stops after some time. As the repetition of Satnaam is less in Sr No 1 when compared to Sr No 2 within the same duration of time is it correct to say that Naam Di Kamaai is more within the same time in Sr No 2.

Sir, I am a donkey who desires to learn and improve. I did not deserve anything but you have blessed me so much of grace that I bow at your feet again and again.

Please do not consider my questions above to be a measure of Simran by time because as per your instructions at the time of giving this holy Naam I try my best for long continuous sessions with no consideration on time.

The objective to seek the above is to carefully focus on the right path and work hard to develop the same under your guidance. Should we seek Master or leave everything to Master to bestow? Is clutching or longing for Darshans of Master / Saints the right way?

Please forgive me and be kind to guide me. The mind sometimes makes me follow Sr No 1 and sometimes Sr No 2.

Following Sr No 2 above after Sr No 1 is very very painful. The separation from the remembrance of Master / Saints to avoid clutching is killing.

Please help and guide me.

Babaji and Dassan Dass Ji I thank you again and again for blessing me with your Darshans along with the Darshans of Kabir Sahib today at Amritvela. Guru Nanak Ji is also kind and was seen Meditating at the tenth door.

Reply from Preeto ji

Baba Ji once said that even in the samadhi world, 99% is Maya, only SAT is the pure and pristine TRUTH, even NAAM after word SAT is still part of MAYA as it is the description of SAT is i.e. SAT NAAM means SAT is the NAAM.

We have had in our sangat very blessed souls who were also blessed with the gift of inner sight, and Dassan Dass ji always say that when the Sants andGurus come to give you their holy vision then SatNaam is taking the form of the Guru you love (as He is formless and you cant see/understand him yet, so he takes the form you understand of your Guru), and they give you blessings to encourage you.   So in your case, you have had visions of the realm of the demigods (their heavens) as you were praying to them and you were shown the Truth of what they really are when you started doing SATNAAM simran.  So that was to break you from their worship.

And secondly you saw visions of the Gurus and Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji to show you they are all forms of the SAME FORMLESS ONE GOD, so you no longer have any doubts about it and will do your bhagti with full trsut in them now.

And thirdly, you have been shown Maya as a temptress and also as a witch who you beat.  That shows you how much she is still running your consciousness and that merely physcially trying beat her (which means unsing force to supress your five thieves and desires), or trying to use logic that you are the devotee of Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji and they will look after you (like in India when you give reference of someone big you know to get you out of trouble) that shows you that does not work either.   Only thing that works is to do SATNAAM SIMRAN from the heart, but you said at those times you were unable to do it from that level or even the level before of the mind.

So all these visions are showing you were you stand,  and actually you are given visions because it is your desire to have visions of Baba Nanak Ji and others.

So at one level it shows you your level of consciousness in a visual way, it shows maya is still above your head, it shows Gurus are there to help you, it shows Satnaam has not gone deep into your mind and heart yet, it shows you do not realise yet that SATNAAM is the one and only GURU who is taking the form of all the Gurus you are seeing to help you.  IT shows you evderything you have to work on yet, there is a long way to go.  And also when you are having visions, but not doing SATNAAM, then how do you know what you are seeing is true and not a false image MAYA is throwing at you.  Maya can also take the form of your Guru to fool you – have you ever thought of that?

So unless you are doing SAT SAT SAT in your samadhi whatever you are seeing is all part of of MAYA,

God bless you.

Reply from Dassan Dass ji

Satnaam Jee Preeto Ji has already answered all your questions with the divine wisdom, UNTIL YOU WIN OVER MAYA – YOUR PANJ DOOTS AND DESIRES, you will not be able to bring Maya to her knees and under your charans, with the gurparsaad you have been instituted in the Karam Khand and the next stage is Sach Khand, you are now doing your bandgi in Karam Khand, where you will continue to do satnaam simran until you win over maya, when that happens then you will be blessed with nirgun saroop darshans and also with puran braham gyan and you will be accepted as sda suhagan in Sach Khand, until this happens you are still under the influence of Maya, you will achieve totality only when you are blessed with winning over maya and go beyond three attributes of maya – rajo, tamo and sato. The totality is achieved only with total surrender, so please continue to do your simran and also continue to surrender with devotion trust and love. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF YOUR BANDGI, SATGURU DARSHANS ARE GREAT, DARSHANS OF SANTS ARE GREAT, THEY COME IN TO BLESS YOU AND BUILD YOUR TRUST IN WHAT YOU ARE DOING, BUT YOU HAVE TO SERVE THE TRUTH YOURSELF AND COMPLETE YOUR BANDGI BY WINNING OVER MAYA. Most of the times people think that the darshans of satgurus, sants and demigods will give you Jivan Mukti, but that is a false belief, YOU HAVE TO FIGHT WITH YOUR PANJ DOOTS AND TRISHNA AND DEFEAT THEM, THEN ONLY MAYA WILL BECOME YOUR SERVANT AND YOU WILL BE ABLE TO MERGE IN NIRGUN SAROOP.

God bless you

Reply from Baba ji

Mother Teresa had one darshan of Jesus and devoted her entire life serving others and after that she never had darshans of jesus or god yet her believe got her canonized as a saint, blessings.


Dear Babaji and Dassan Dass Ji.

Satnaam Ji.

I thank you again and again from the bottom of my heart for being so graceful and kind.

Sir, since yesterday evening Meditation and today at morning Amritvela I have noted that Satnaam Simran is done by something sitting inside my stomach. I could not understand what it was and was confused however Baba ji I saw you and Guru Arjan Dev Ji sitting inside my stomach and both were very bright and white. I also saw light illuminating a pipe or tube from stomach to head for less than a second which I cannot understand till now.

My Masters, I have realized that you are with me always 24 x 7 even as I try not to attach to visions and bodies of Masters / Saints but you will always kindly grace your student with Darshans and bring along with you other Saints also. However, this time I did Dandouth and continued to hear Satnaam originating from inside my Stomach at the Dassam Dwar instead of talking to you and Guru Arjan Dev Ji the desire of which I controlled with great difficulty only with the objective of not to attach.

Sir, I am nothing and desire to remain nothing at your holy feet. Everything comes only from your grace without which nothing is possible.

You show non deserving sinners like me what your grace and holy naam can do. You are my Wahe Guru and please hold my hand never to leave it. Please forgive my mistakes.

I know that this donkey student asks too many questions but O holy one with each response and guidance received from SangatJi, Preeto Ji, Pritam Anand Ji  and yourselves I introspect, fine tune and try to improve by following the same in the subsequent Meditation sessions. You polish me.  I love Satnaam and every time I sit for Meditation there is a feeling that something will happen at any time now. My Meditation Abhyas is based only on your Grace working with absolutely no effort from my side. I have now given up myself entirely to your Grace to take me wherever you desire

Your holiness the Sangat is the class, you are the Teachers / Masters and we all students have been assigned homework of daily Simran. You correct, advise, motivate and encourage your students in the class with your kind observations the next day. How can I then not say that I belong to your College of Satnaam Education and higher Spiritual Studies. I am now back to YOUR school and I love it.

Thanks Again A Zillion Times Ji

We have a week end in the Arab Emirates tomorrow and the day after and I impatiently await the Amritwelas for as long hours of Satnaam Simran as possible.

Tu Hi Tu – Tu –Hi –Tu

Main Nahin – Bilkul Nahin

Dust below your feet Ji






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