Late in the evening when our voice recorder ran out of battery power, Baba ji did some amazing explanation of Tantric Sex.  So we stayed up an extra hour to write it all down.   We said to Baba ji that some people email on the Kundalini yoga forum that their kundalini energy has risen, but rather than being a beautiful blissful experience of merging into the light as the energy rises up the spine (as happened to us) , they say now their body and mind is a total mess.  Baba ji said, “they need to stay extremely humble to balance that power.  Otherwise in ego and without regular discipline of Simran, the Kundalini rising destroys your inner balance of energies.  These inner energies run the body and mind.  The three parts of the mind are run by the energies called  Shiva (destructive), Brahma (constructive), Vishnu (Preserver).  Then there are the four energies of the Universe – alpha, beta, omega and theta which are the 4 Yugs.  Then the Rajo, Sato, Tamo energies which keep us operating under Maya.  And Kundalini energy has two sides – sun and moon as well.”


Baba ji continued that, “when the sex energy is controlled you will sit with a full erection but a still mind.” We said to Baba ji this happened to us at the beginning of last year when we started going into samadhi, thought we had fallen asleep and woken up to find a full erection, but absolutely no lustful thoughts.  We just thought it was our bad posture, but were too embarrased to ask you about it !!!   Same thing happened every time we did amritvela for the following month or so, so now we know what it meant – control over the sex energy.


Baba ji continued, “Then you can control the erection, withdraw energy and the penis goes down under your control.  You can penetrate a woman and sit for days without ejaculation.  There are indian statues of couples in that posture that you can buy.  The penis in the vagina can withdraw energy from the female into the penis and up the spine.  Then the meditator has balanced the sex energy, meaning that they have controlled it and are no longer under its control.  If you look at the statue of Shiva, he sits with an erect penis.  So when that happens to you, it means you have conquored the Shiva part of your consciousness.”


Baba ji then talked more about how our body changes in the teenage years, he said, “Girls puberty is coming earlier due to diet and body changes.  In the past societies (hunter-gatherer) where they lived in nature, girls would have been impregnated by the age of 13.  The male has attraction to her natural hormones at the right time of the month.  Then sex takes place – job done for another month.  That is the natural cycle.  But, now man has made sex into a pleasurable experience to be repeated many times due to cravings and desires.  So there are perfumes and cosmetics to fool the natural cycle and have this enjoyment of sexual desire everyday.  This then becomes a habit and is called KAAM – lustful desire.  Under the control of Kaam a person can commit crimes i.e. forcing partner to have sex.  Having sex to satisfy your own craving and with no thought for your partner’s feelings and hence no intimacy is just selfishness and is no good either.  Under the control of KAAM you can hurt others through actions like rape, child abuse and so on. So if a man is trapped in the desire of KAAM, better than hurting others is to masturbate.  He only wastes his own energy.  And masturbation is not bad and something to feel guilty about because God teaches you Himself through this self-exploration at the time of puberty.


Sex hormones are flying around all over the Creation in most species.  It may take one million impregnations to just have 10,000 births.  The rest are failures, so imagine just how much sex hormones are flying around in every species.  Sex energy runs the universe. Everything is reproducing at the same time so the whole Universe is like one big orgy!


When a girl goes through puberty and a boy also, they self-explore and experience the pleasure of masturbation.  Then they ask older friends about it.  Then when a boy gets near a girl he touches her and she is cool moon energy and he is hot sun energy (NOTE: men and women both have sun (hot) and moon (cold) energy around the Kundalini, just in different proportions.).  So by touching her, he cools down from the sex organ, up the spine, to the top of the head (Kundalini energy rises up this pathway).  Same for the girls, but she warms up up this Kundlini pathway, and both get aroused through touch.  They like it, attraction happens, they seek each other out and impregnation occurrs.  That is nature’s marriage taking place.  The Temple of Creation is sexual union.  Girls are programmed by nature to have the urge to get pregnant because HE wants us to multiply as a species.


However, society then tries to control this process in order to run society as they desire.  For example, 16 is the legal age for sex.  Even though they acknowledge a girl can physically have a baby at the age of 13 as her body is ready for it, they say a 13 year old is not emotionally mature.  And they are mostly right as she most likely wont make a good wife until the age of 21.  However, they scare her and trap her with stories of dignity and family pride, or breaking the law of the land.  Hence, some cases of so-called ‘honour-killings” which have no honour in them at all.  Or they supress the child from expressing herself.


But what happens to you if you fight the natural urges and forces of attraction?  You lose your mind, or you hate your religion and God whose Name has been used to supress you, and you hate your parents and wish they were dead (bad deed to wish bad for others) or you commit suicide because you can see no way out.  Cant express yourself, cant contain the urges, cant see a way out from the inner turmoil so think suicide is the answer.  (NOTE: However, that only kills the body, their soul just hangs around in the same turmoil and now that becomes their punishment for taking their own life rather than solving their problems, which are due to their karma anyway – which means they are only reaping what they have sown to accept responsibility for our situation however dire it is.  Kill your ego, not your body and realise the Truth.  Live the heart and kill the logic mind and break out of society and family and religious control, rather than killing your body and punishing your soul by making it into a ghost trapped in that realm.)


The child who is supressed grows up bitter and remains bitter for the rest of their life. (NOTE: Like our beautiful aunt who grew up in India in the 1970s.  When she was young she was madly and deeply in love.  Our other relative said he had never seen a couple so much in love as them.  But, the parents forced her to have an arranged marriage to someone from Canada. After 20 years of a bad marriage with a lot of physical and mental abuse and being used by parents to bring them across to Canada, she finally got enough courage to get divorced, fly back to India and marry her childhood sweetheart who had never got married.  However, he came to Canada and they set up a business in the US.  The ex-husband couldn’t accept that his wife, i.e. his property, had been taken by someone else, so he hired a couple of hitmen to kill him.  They shot him in a dark stairwell 25 times at point blank range.  He survived though with only a minor nerve damage to his eyebrow.  He said when he was being shot all he could see in his mind’s eye was the face of his Guru – protecting him.  In the end he went back to India and passed away soon after for some other reason.  The ex-husband spent 7 years in jail.  And our Aunt’s health has deterioted so much that she had a brain tumour that on being removed has left her unable to talk or walk, and she is not even 60 yet. Although are prayers are with her and she is improving every day and has regained her warm smile and contagious laugh and can get around in a wheelchair now.  However,  everyone lost just by supressing the teenagers in love.]  


But, the parents who supress the children, puff up in pride to show everyone in their society how they have preserved dignity and so called honour.  Then the marriage ceremony they organise is just a very expensive show for their society, it’s a waste of money and time.  Then when the daughter-in-law comes into the extended family they repress her.  They destroy her confidence.  So all they have done is taken another family’s daughter to possess for themselves.   There was no love in the process of arranging the marriage, conducting the marriage ceremony and in the extended family afterwards.


However, on the flip side, when there is love there is no need to show society.   Marriage only came about in modern society to control the man.  To make him commit in public and by law and religion.  To ensure that he doesn’t follow his natural urge to sow his seed everywhere and not hang around to raise the kids.  However, the man-made marriage ceremony, including the religious ceremonies,   has nothing to do with God.”


We said to Baba ji that the marriage ceremony is called Anand Karaj in Sikhism.  But Anand actually means Eternal Joy of being with God.  We said that the local Giani (priest) came around our house and we happily served him dinner.  Afterwards, he patted his belly, had a huge smile of satisfaction and said as some Punjabi people do, “Anand hoygay-aa … I am in Anand.”   And we thought to ourself, he reads Anand Sahib by Guru Amar Das ji and hasn’t understood it at all, “Anand anand sabh ko kahay, anand gur te jania …everyone is saying they are in anand, but only through the Guru one knows the real Anand.”


Baba ji replied, “if you ask him if his Anand Karaj (marriage) is done, he will reply ‘yes, my wife is sitting at home.’  He doesn’t know the real meaning of Anand or Anand Karaj being the spiritual marriage of your soul with God.  Yet everyday, twice or even three times a day he  reads and  sings Guru Amar Das ji’s divine words, ‘Anand paaiyaa meree maee satguru maa paayaa….O my mother, my mind is in Anand for I have found the SatGuru.’”


Baba ji finished off by saying, “So get out of it all, out of the control of parents, society and religion.  Be free and joyous. Live your heart.”