2013 Texas Worldwide Sangat

Experiences of Sangat in Texas 2013.

2014 Worldwide sangat at UK

The UK was blessed to have Sangat of Baba Ji, Dassan Dass Ji and rest of worldwide Dhan Dhan Satnaam Parivaar Aangat in August 2014. The talks by Maharaj Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji can be downloaded here The kirtan and satnaam singing can be downloaded here

Canada Congregation 2000-05

Experiences of some of Baba Ji's disciples in Canada between 2000 and 2005.

Preeto's Meetings With Baba Ji

Preeto was blessed to have travelled to meet Baba Ji several times.  Here is his diary.

Pritam Anand Ji's Articles

Divine Wisdom from Pritam Anand ji.  You can watch videos here. And read his writings on facebook too.

Worldwide Sangat

Experiences of some of the Satnaam Parivaar (the family of ones doing Satnaam simran) since 2004.

Harmeet Jees Journey

Follow Harmeet Jee's Journey through Poems and Stories. Downloaded here as an ebook .

Kripalini Jee Poems

Heart loving poems by Kripalini Jee. Downloaded here as an ebook .