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Enlightening conversations with Baba Ji. 
Comment by Dassan Dass Ji :
“Baba Ji’s divine wisdom is Dhan Dhan. You can see how he gives us in plain and simple words all the diamonds and jewels of the divine wisdom. This can only be done by a soul who is completely truthful in himself and completely absorbed in the truth. And has all the divine wisdom absorbed in himself. His kamai (spiritual labouring) is Dhan Dhan. Anybody who listens to his words and follows them will become Dhan Dhan. We are all very fortunate to be blessed with his sangat. Our head will always remain at his charans (lotus feet).”
You can listen to the original recordings by clicking here.  There is much more to learn from the recordings as only a small part have been typed up for the website.

Baba Ji Emails

Baba Ji emails to the sangat from 2013 onwards.

Baba Ji quotes

Quotes from Baba Ji.

Baba Ji Talks - Aug 2010

We were blessed enough to visit Baba ji in aug 2010.  Here are some articles of his divine wisdom that he gave us.

Baba Ji Talks 1

Conversations from 2004 part 1.

Baba Ji Talks 2

Conversations from 2004 part 2.

Baba Ji Talks 3

Conversations from 2004 part 3.

Baba Ji Talks 4

Conversations from 2004 part 4.

Baba Ji Talks 5

Conversations from 2004 part 5.

Baba Ji Talks 6

Conversations from 2004 onwards.


Punjabi articles/chats with Baba Ji.