About Baba Ji

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehood’s school and the one man that dares to tell the Truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” – Plato.

Introduction To Baba Ji’s Life Story 1951-2009
Piercing The Diamond (1993-2000)
Baba Ji And Mata Ji’s 7 Years Of Service (1993-2000)
Gurdwara Committee Told Baba Ji To Leave (2000)
Becoming SatGuru (2001)
What Is Baba Ji?
Who Is Baba Ji’s Guru ?
Baba Ji Doesn’t Pray Any More
Baba Ji’s Mission & Giving Naam & Sooraj
Baba Ji Speaks As God Makes Him Speak
Start Of Congregation
Baba Ji Carries The Congregation
Baba Ji Doesn’t Control Anyone
Dassan Dass Ji Was Born From The Congregation
Talking To God In Nature
Baba Ji’s Driving Is Service To God
Baba Ji’s Religion
Sharing Wisdom
Highest Teaching
Serving The Guru
Healing The Sick, Distressed And Possessed
Baba Ji Past Life
Why God Created Us?
The Divine Command (Hukam) For Baba Ji’s Second Marriage
Mata Jis Overcoming Family Attachments
Baba Ji’s Sangat Was Attacked (2003)
Baba Ji Poems
Baba Ji is God’s Servant