19 Jan 05


Satnaam sada satnaam ji – SatNaam alwaysa and forever Satnaam.
Mera preetam pyara satguru rakhwala ji – my dearly beloved protector , my SatGuru.

Spoke to Baba Ji the other night, here are some more drops of divine wisdom (writing from memory – so its not exact quotes):

Where there is love there is SATNAAM, and where SATNAAM is there is love.

When two people meet for developing a relationship, then let them develop love in their heart. Let them be truthful and the heart will bloom. But heart becomes malformed / limited when people start following their wordly selfish way of thinking (manmat).

Those people thnik they are following love but they have limited their love by their manmat. (Eg two people want to get married cause hearts feel love, but then their manmat tells them – what about caste?, what about matching height? skin colour? same religion? good job? etc etc).

Baba ji said, keep on going, keep on going. Stay lowest of the low on this path.

Told Baba Ji about the meditation class we rean at home last week and complete newcomers felt “amrit” or had hot hands etc, Baba ji said they have experienced it, but to keep it (keep presence of God inside them) requires sacrifice. God will want you to sacrifice every single relationship, God will want you to pass every single test. And that is what people find hard to do. Its not easy to sacrifice everything for God.

Baba ji said one reason people do nindya (slander of us on the spiritual path) is because they want what you have got spiritually. They have desires for what you have, they haven’t got it, so makes them jealous. Rather than getting rid of their own desires which is actually the reason for their mental unhappiness, they attack you with slander – try to
discredit what you have or make it seem unimportant so they dont feel so bad about not having it.

Baba ji also said to keep doing write-ups – keep sharing whatever gian(divine knowledge) God is putting inside you. That way you keep letting it out, and He will keep filling you up with more. Until one day when He will totally open up His Book of Life to you to share with the world.

Also spoke to Baba ji a couple of weeks ago and Baba ji told us that the bigger the amrit (Gods presence) gets inside you , the bigger the tests of maya will get. Every positive has an equal and opposite negative. Its true the folowing week, had to listen to much nindya from family, but with Guru ji’s kirpa they cant shake us off this path now, as we dont have the doubts we used to. They can say what they want, but as Dassan Dass ji told us right in the beginning “Put God and Guru at number 1. Serving Guru’s sangat at number 2. Family and everything else worldy comes afterwards.”

Dust of your feet