1. The sinner is the president of a country that projects hatred towards other people.


  1. Hell is the civilised world’s UN if it fails to protect the refugees and feed the starving of this world.


  1. Satan is the force in the egotistical character of a leader, politician, ruler or priest that controls the masses by falsehood, wars or any other crimes such as taking bribes or pilfering funds.   //  3b.  People are ignorant of this truth that all is God in nature all around. And nature nurtures the body of all species.  And the One Light, that permeates all life, is the soul of God Supreme.


  1. Every egotistical character, of mammon, is flawed in selfishness. The beastly nature to control and destroy the one it loves, for the lover of intimacy, is ego. And pride produces the power of dominance in both sexes and in-betweens. Dominance produces the power of rage, rape, murder and [so-called] honour killings.


  1. To save his or her flaw of pride and protect the family and country by way of patriotism, is the cause of tribal clashes and countries at war for survival.   Ego cannot bear itself in the other, hence cannot love, for it is a bottomless pit of destruction and deceit, it is the beast.


  1. Out of all people, of all religions on Earth, only a rare few are righteous. And of them a rare one is spiritual; of 1000 suns where the “cup runneth over”; the embodiment of the King of Kings and the slave of all slaves.  Itself EK [One God] the Master and Slave.  Itself SAT [Truth]:  777 [“seven, seven, seven”: pronounced in Punjabi as the number “SAT, SAT, SAT”, which also means “Truth, Truth, Truth”. “777” represents God.]   It knows the wisdom of the moment that conquers eternity.  The God of all gods of all ages.   What IS is IT.  The rest is the sickness of the mind.


  1. “Baba Ji” is the state of pristine bliss of God in a new-born child before the mother’s first feed. And the first lie of logic and matter relation called mum.  Baba [“Ba…Ba” babbling sound a baby makes] is the first call of divinity in sound on Earth before logic starts.


  1. There can’t be love between genders if God, the love, is not involved.  God, the love, is the light of the soul; not of the flesh, nor of lust, nor of sex.  This is the truth of the Creator.


  1. Rare are two genders of beings, ordained by God, that are the definition of “two bodies – one soul,” living in the will of God and singing His truthful glory of Truth everywhere, as one light of all souls, all species.   Believe me, that’s visible on Earth for all humanity to serve equally.


  1. The lost in life can be found in God.  Believe me, it’s Truth.


  1. The [real] religion, the will of God, is living in the field of Truth every moment of life, in humility and poverty of Truth the soul.


  1. The saviour of souls is dead to himself, but alive in Truth, to uplift and serve all humanity.


  1. Dead from the world, alive in the will of God, is service to God, the soul, the light. 777. Sat Naam.


  1. The truest Buddha lies in the field of Truth; unconditional love.


  1. Unconditional love is ordained by Truth: God, the Light.


  1. Blessed are of God, who love all humans equally.


  1. God is beyond religion and mind.


  1. [The person having these] attributes of selfish character, the five vices, is the beast in a life of mammon.


  1. God Himself ordains His servant.


  1. Be truthful and earnest in your prayers and stay truthful in life to others.  Without judgement and hatred for all is from God all around you regardless of caste, colour, creed or religion or nationality.


  1. Humanity is the test of religion’s truth in service for all beings.


  1. Prejudice is the field of destruction for the soul-journey, in the play of life.


  1. Ego and pride create the representation of the Satan that does not want to do truth and let God’s name be remembered on Earth.


  1. Dark is the mind of the selfish man of any stature on Earth.  Only the blessed of God have luminous faces of Truth on Earth in any religion.  All light is the primordial soul.


  1. God’s men do not chase mammon. Or flesh of beauty.


  1. Beastly are those of organised religion.


  1. The religious are ignorant of God.


  1. Spontaneous is the God of the moment; that’s love.


  1. God lives in the moment; that conquers eternity.


  1. The Truth is served … by dying from mammon.


  1. The priest is wasted in stories of the past and worries of tomorrow.


  1. Life is wasted by not living and staying in the moment, in Truth.


  1. What you are in your mind is your tomorrow.


  1. The five vices in the character of a human mind play mockery, with God, in prayer.


  1. Light of the soul is God the father within every human, but the ignorant mind is lost in the illusion of life seeking outside riches and pleasures of the body.


  1. He who goes to religious places to waste his wealth [in order] to know God does not know the elixir [of Truth] within.


  1. Organised of mind in moral ethics, is the most dangerous one alive in the world.


  1. What is of deceit, is not of God but Satan.


  1. Family is a play of Satan, and control by the way of mind.  For Satan uses knowledge to deceive in selfishness.  Hence, the lying world.


  1. The “I”, “me” and “mine” of character is [the underlying cause of the] stupid nature of vengeance towards others.  Even to the extent of using God’s word for deception.


  1. The Church and all of its people are sinners in front of Truth, the soul [God], as it was in bed with the Mafia in Italy for so long.  Hence, this Pope [Francis] confessed.  But, how can sin be erased when generations were lied to and everybody still carries hatred for others?  Only the dead-whilst-alive [Sat Guru] will save you all.  Until then it [the Church] is going to waste in darkness.


  1. Mockery is the prayer if you are conceited.  Surrender is [only done by] the one that never sins again. 777.


  1. All your pilgrimages, to all holy places, of all religions, is a fraud to God-Supreme if ego still lives in you.  [This is] the truth.


  1. Alive in religion, are the hell-raisers for the innocent of the world.


  1. By the way of guilt, Satan, the Devil, teaches through the priest.


  1. What is controlled, is of Satan. But the unconditional are of God, the soul, Truth 777. Sat Naam. 786.


  1. To love is to acknowledge God; to abuse is to be Satan.


  1. The ruling elite of ego are the destroyers of mankind.  Look today at its play: USA, Russia and North Korea [on the brink of war].  And the rest [followers] in disguise [hiding their ego] all around [also wanting] to kill the other.  But, none knows how to raise the dead [ones in ego are dead, Sat Guru raises them in the true life of Truth].


  1. Ego, the Satan, has become the president.  Where are the righteous of the spirit of God now?  When the holy ones teach segregation who will speak of God.  777. 786. Sat Naam.


  1. Wise to themselves are the demigods of manipulation.


  1. Lack of love for humanity can be seen in all religions of the world, for they are still boxed in by fear and deceit.  777. 786. Sat Naam.


  1. I, the nothing, am writing to awaken the soul of the walking, living, dead [to Truth] of today on Earth. 777. 786. Sat Naam.


  1. Dead to Truth is the world today.


  1. The clever and cunning are running the world towards destruction.  The righteous are asleep.  Religion has taken flight.


  1. Blessed and awake I am, to tell the truth.  777. 786. Sat Naam.


  1. Dead from mammon, I live to teach the few of God.


  1. Rich with money, poor from the heart, dead from spirituality are the masses.  Asleep, they only want from God, but do not to return what belongs to Him.  Untruth has eaten all alive. 777. 786. Sat Naam.


  1. I am the lunatic of God, ready to die.  Like a fly to fire in love divine.  Life was meant to sing his glory. 0000000.  [The Nothingness is writing].


  1. Great is the love of the Divine for its above and beyond all organised religions.  Love all for love only knows its Truth.  777. 786.  Sat Naam.


  1. God is not in the books.  It is spontaneous in a moment inwards.  The soul is it.  That the mind cannot know.  Love you.  777. 786. Sat.


  1. If [it is] written you will receive, in fate, divine cupid’s arrow.


  1. Mind character is useless if it doesn’t live to Truth of all creation. 777. Sat Naam.


  1. Great is the one that loves all and has no enemies inside or out.


  1. Take your vices and make them into monks of Truth; that’s spirituality.  777. 786. Sat Naam.


  1. Only he or she is a true Muslim who sees Allah in all.


  1. Spiritual Path is only God the Truth itself.  Go on the journey now.  There is nothing better here. 777.  786.  Sat Naam.


  1. Spirituality is to serve all … It, not a politician.


  1. 7777777777777777. [Truth Truth Truth Truth Truth …].


  1. Christ is the one who is dead whilst alive to a life of mammon. 777.


  1. If wisdom delivered leaves behind discrimination it adds to the chaos in the world.  Sat Naam.


  1. God is beyond birth and death yet in and out everywhere.  If believed and lived by all people of the world there shall be peace amongst all.  One entire creation is the expression of one soul, God only.   Soul only loves itself and serves itself.  Great is the Nanak that delivered this for all people.  Sat Naam. 777.


  1. Sat is beyond the Moh [attachments] and Maya [darkness] boxes of the mind.  So the power of love shatters all logic to be itself, always infinite.


  1. How can [a person] hate any when all is One everywhere in its totality; soul – it’s light shining in every eye, in all species. 777. 786. Sat Naam.


  1. Without divine intervention, the mind cannot be amended to Truth.  Hence, surrender and repent to Truth.  Look for a living preceptor.  Only he or she is not of mammon.  Their love to serve you should be greater than their love for their family.  Truth in the purity of its blessing to equality.


  1. The simplicity of the greatest God is everywhere; only the mind fears to accept it.  If the mind does then it cannot exist in darkness.


  1. The mind will see that it originated from the light of God [only] when the falsehood of the mind falls to its knees.  Then Satan is defeated and the face receives God’s luminosity of immortality.


  1. Great is the preceptor of Truth who saves both genders plus others in equality of Gods truth.  All that are living and alive have one light of the same soul.  Sat Naam.


  1. “Hello, terrorist! If God in nature is Allah, as says the Koran, then why kill others when all is from 5 elements here?  The Allah in nature is the Allah of Mohammad.  Listen, brother, kill the ego inside then you won’t need paradise, for you will become one.  Ask Bulleh Shah [Sufi saint].”  Sat Naam.


  1. No gender goes to the sublime and the soul has no sex [neither the gender you identify with nor the sex you were born with gain you entry into God’s court].   The soul enters the body given and plays out its part of karma.  In God’s court, only deeds are seen.  No caste, no religion, no language goes there.  Only Truth goes to Truth.  Light to light is one only. [Only if you merge into the light by doing Truth whilst in this body, then you remain one with Light on leaving the body i.e. gain a place in God’s court; the realm of Truth; Sach Khand].  Sat Naam.


  1. God has no blood; the soul does not bleed.  Only the body bleeds and the mind weeps.  Matter ages and shatters, but the sublime soul shines on in Truth.  Looking for God through blood is religion’s trick to fill their coffers.  A sin? Yes, it is to the innocent.  [When you kill others in the name of God] Satan sucks your blood by robbing your spiritual wealth that you sweated for in the name of Almighty God. Sat Naam.


  1. God is not a ritual.  Why would it be when it is the living light of the soul that permeates all life in the universe?  Your mind is dark as truth it did not do.  Pity you of all religions.  Sat Naam.


  1. God is a religion to itself.  The master and servant of its own creation and that’s why He is embedded in it.   The reality being: look within to know the truth of the soul, then you will realise, “this mind and body I am not, ” and consequently, “my life is being wasted in doing the wrong endeavours in life.”  Sat Naam.


  1. Egyptian gods, Greek gods, Indian gods, the Incas or any of the kings on Earth and your beloved leaders, they left behind all that they hoarded in wealth.  This is a lesson to you to stay in Truth and only do truthful deeds.  Only your karmic earnings [deeds] shall go with you [your soul after death], the rest of matter ([body and mind] and money all falls away.  Do good, be truthful in life and pray so God can be kind and put you into His service. Sat Naam.


  1. You can free yourself from desire and false identity of this world and rise above your physical addiction of body by going on the dead-whilst-alive pilgrimage.  Conquer yourself then God, Light, Immortality is yours.  The soul alone is God itself with innate identity. Sat Jio-ji [Truth life of life].  Aapaay Aap [He Himself].  Sat Sada [Always Truth].


  1. Truth, love and wisdom of the innate God in silence, if not experienced life is wasted in despair.


  1. If the God elixir [Amrit] is not tasted then your religion is like Satan [kept you away from tasting God within].


  1. If you can tame your mind like a dog in truth you will know Eternity.


  1. God is freedom from time, place, space and that’s called divine love, for love conquers all illusions of the mind.


  1. Eternity is the soul, the life within, if the “l, me and mine” of the mind are shattered.


  1. The soul inside, space outside, is God as Light.   Far brighter than 1000 suns. 777.


  1. Within is the One Supreme that all tribes pray too. 777.


  1. Father within; garbage outside. 777.


  1. Identity is the garbage of the world. Baba Ji.


  1. If you could dispose of your identity in the garbage immortality, eternity would be accomplished.


  1. Light to light is the One and is All.


  1. The Truth within is all that you see outside.


  1. Between this and that, that and this is that. It is that.


  1. Great is the measure that can’t be measured.  Sat.


  1. To measure the light within needs the measure of God. Baba Ji.


  1. Nothing-to-nothing is all wisdom.  Baba Ji.


  1. When I went to find Ek  [1] universe 0 was in it. 777.


  1. To search for God is to lose the self, to leave you behind.


  1. Manmukh: Na eh heer na eh ranjha.  Eh ha chooth da chakha.  Baba ji.


  1. Dharam usnoo akhoo jo tehnu mar daeveh.  Baba Ji.


  1. What use is Dharam [religion] when God is in the soul?   Rest is all Bharam [illusory].


  1. Love is everything.  Everything is to love.  Love loves itself to serve itself to the perfection of love called God.  Love is the Truth.  Love is life in God.  Love is the beauty of the soul.


  1. Dead-whilst-alive is being dead from your selfish character and alive in Truth.  Dead from the world of mammon but alive in the God of Truth and deeds.


  1. Silence’s truth is Light.  Light’s truth is God. God’s truth is the soul. The soul’s truth is all within us.  The soul is the field alive in us, to live in the truth of life, which is God in us.  Baba Ji.


  1. Ego and pride in our character are the darkness of Satan.  The illusion that has taken to mammon and to the cheapness of a fraudulent life of flesh and family stolen from the purity of child-like god within us.   Hence, the emptiness within everyone alive of all tribes of the world and their religion that only leads them on the path of destruction.  Hence, chaos in the world and yes, this Satan does not let us follow truth and love God.  Civilised society in the world today is getting more selfish and given rise to the far-right moment.  WAKE-UP!  Baba Ji.


  1. Narrow-mindedness causes isolation and the destruction of God, the goodness in us.  It is the path towards the mother of all wars based on the fear of other peoples.  The UN has failed.  The clever and cunning have taken over all religions of God who is the collective soul of life everywhere. Wake up to the Truth.  Sat Naam.  Baba Ji.


  1. Truth is Baba Ji’s God, speech, sight and pen of faith.   Alive in a life of God. Sat Naam.  In the moment of Truth now.


  1. He who speaks the Truth in each moment is truly awake to serve God. The rest are the living dead.


  1. Spend each moment alive in the Truth of today, you become God-realized in life. Sat.


  1. Past and tomorrow, fear and organised religion are a curse to all living beings.  They are the cause of uncertainty towards others of the same light of the One God, the father of the soul. Baba Ji.


  1. A new-born child is innate God with no character and an Alzheimer’s patient losing his memory also becomes innate God.  The death of Satan and the Devil [ego and pride].  Died. It’s the truth.  Baba Ji.


  1. 98 to 99% of life forms on this planet are under the law of the jungle and under the veil of illusion.  Ego and pride of the human character are the darkness; the Satan; the Devil.  Ego and pride are the cause of crime in the mind against the heart every minute.  It should make you ask what are the religious ones doing [to combat their ego and pride]?   How many are really awake?  Only the few spiritual ones are doing the selfless service of Truth, Sat Naam.


  1. God is awake in order to keep his play of life going.  But, under ignorance humans are doing a crime against God by being asleep in dreams of mammon.  A life forgetful of God.  Trying to survive and to become a king as per their own wishes.  Baba Ji.


  1. It’s all hypocritical living: in religion and religious ceremonies all are lost in egotistical character behaviour.  This is happening in all cultures and religions of the world.  God is beyond the words and explanation of all religions.  The fact is that God is the soul and its light.  And the words divine are to tell this truth. Baba Ji.


  1. There is God freely available as zero energy in nature that humans derive through breath and food.  Now see all around the charade in all religious ceremonies worldwide.  Baba Ji.  God is on the other side of you mind within the self.


  1. The soul within is God that the mind has not realised.  Sat Naam.


  1. Your head is the true offering to God for salvation.  The rest [anything else that you offer to God] is as if God is a toy for your ritual performances and a fraud you commit against the innocent of the world [misleading the congregation into thinking they need rituals and material offerings to please God].  Worse than Hitler.  Sat.


  1. There is no religious place or pilgrimage on Earth that can wash your sins, ego and pride out of you unless God personally ordains His true devotion.  Baba Ji.


  1. There is no place for God in any religious places.  The only place where His truth and love is experienced without rituals is Sunder Nagari.  Sat Naam.


  1. To weigh my soul you will need the universe as a counter-weight.  Baba Ji.


  1. The truest Amrit is an individual’s own soul if he or she truly knows it.  Baba Ji.


  1. From something to nothing is the spiritual path.  Sat Naam.


  1. When the universe becomes you then it’s bliss [Anand].  Sat.


  1. Whatever selfishness a person or a country does it has tied a noose around its neck to diminish itself.  Sat Naam.


  1. Democracy flourishes if there is love amongst all to care and share equally and loving all life is recognising God.  Sat Naam.


  1. To practice equality one must come out of the box of character.  Sat Naam.


  1. To create a paradise on Earth one must believe and deliver that the truthfulness in all is God. Sat Naam.


  1. Paradise is where God, the love, is witnessed and lived everyday.  And its bliss delivered to all equally, Sunder Nagari.  Sat Sat Sat.


  1. To know God is to know what’s hidden in you beyond the selfish.  Baba Ji.


  1. He who understands the Truth of the moments is enriched in God.  Baba Ji. Sat.


  1. To know your most beloved is to know yourself, to know that there is One soul.  Sat Naam.


  1. The greatest education is to learn how to be truthful always.  777.


  1. The highest spirituality is to lose yourself in Infinity loving all.  Sat Naam.


  1. Spirituality has three steps:  1) consciousness to silence; the void, 2) God, 3) Sat.


  1. The nameless One is God beyond Truth.  Baba Ji.  Sat.


  1. Becoming nothing whilst sitting in everything is realising God.


  1. The religious life is for the fools who will not do Truth. Baba Ji.


  1. The truest Buddha (awakened one) is the one who has no classification.  Love is God.  Baba Ji.


  1. Blessed is that blessing that puts you to serve God.  Baba Ji.


  1. You are me, that keeps on saying yourself.  Sat Naam.


  1. God, the love in infinity, never runs low.  Baba Ji.


  1. Why count when all is a waste in end?  777.


  1. Love is never having to say sorry if its godly.  Baba Ji.


  1. Truth is the love in Infinity.  777.


  1. Love is that never hates. It’s divine.  Baba Ji.


  1. Love is that which never ends.  Baba ji. 777.


  1. Infinity is God’s Truth.  Baba Ji. 777.


  1. God is love that never fades. Baba Ji. 777.


  1. Sorry is untruth happening.  Baba Ji. 777.


  1. The product of the five vices is a beast, not human.  Baba Ji. 777.


  1. Spirituality is a holy person’s profit.  Baba Ji.


  1. Lost is the beast’s life [the one consumed by ego and pride is the beast, Satan].  Baba Ji.


  1. The True God never kills in vengeance for love is the soul.  Baba Ji.


  1. The attributes of God are a step below the Truth itself.  777.


  1. Depression is the denial of the Truth, of God.  Baba Ji.


  1. Depression is the sickness of this world.  Sat Naam.


  1. God is the Truth of moment.  Baba Ji.


  1. The worst thing in this world is selfishness.  Baba Ji.


  1. When do the rich lose?  They can’t buy love as that’s God.  Baba Ji.


  1. Ego and pride, the force of put downs and the rage to kill, is the proof that the beast is the character; the Satan within of selfishness.  Male or female.   The jails are full of proof.  Baba Ji.  777.


  1. Uncivilised is the civilised world that cannot love each other.  Baba Ji.


  1. Ego cannot deliver the truth of God.  Ask, “then how can one in ego be truthful in religion?”   Baba Ji.


  1. Religion should confess its sins, for it cannot see the same God in other religions.  Baba Ji.


  1. Buddhas and popes and mullahs and priests are all false if they are enclosed in their religions.  Ask them then how can they possibly serve the Infinite God?  Baba Ji. 777.


  1. The truest love of infinite God and delivery of its truth cannot be enclosed in the wall of segregated religions.  Baba Ji. 777.


  1. The egotistical character is flawed, hence the state of politicians, leaders and religious leaders of this chaotic world.  When the beast [ego and pride; Satan] has robbed all who will deliver God’s love in truth?  Baba Ji.


  1. If God is ritually sold everywhere in the world then who will teach its simplistic nature of love infinite?  Baba Ji.


  1. When the Truth is love how can the human ego possibly deliver this God to the masses?  [Ego can’t deliver Truth.  Ego repels Truth].  Baba Ji.


  1. Politicians are manipulated by force of clever and destructive lesser gods of destruction.  Baba Ji.


  1. Satan, the beast is the force of ego that has made the civilised proud and is taking them on the path of destruction, e.g. USA, Russia, North Korea.   The Assads, Modis and Trudeaus [Prime ministers], please God, save yourself in these fools.  Baba Ji.


  1. Love is the song of Truth, of infinity, it has no ending till the Master decides to.  Baba Ji. 777.


  1. God is that which cannot be defined fully, yet can be lived fully when you are in love with Eternity.  That truth is hard to digest for the masses.  Baba Ji.  777.


  1. Fully enlightened is being in the state of innate God whilst observing the lost masses of all religions on the other side.  Baba Ji.


  1. What’s defined here is my union experience.  Infinite blessings of Sat upon its own creation [Baba ji] to glorify Himself, the Creator in all.  Baba Ji. 777.


  1. The flaws are all mine, the servant’s.  God, my father, my mother, my friend is priceless, is the light of all souls.  Baba Ji.


  1. He himself created His own glory, I am blessed to write for love’s sake.  Baba Ji.  777.


  1. God’s love is the power that never stops until Infinity is satisfied, bow.  Baba Ji.