"I just need each of you to become a Guru. There is no bigger gift you can give to me."
  • The Play of Guru and Disciple
  • The Guru Is The Doorway To God
  • What Is God?

What was His will in my loving devotional service to Him? To wake up religious people to Truth. If for that I have to die, it’s a life well lived. If I can change a few, I have done His work. The rest He’s going to do. Because the moment I’m going to give the Naam (divine energy) and you say the Naam, then He’s looking at you by taking my body's shape.

The Divine Light within your heart that has no shape. But, the moment we play Guru and Disciple it takes shape. I will be with you all the time as my third body. One body is God's Word. One is this matter (God's Creation), the third is Divine Light. When you receive Naam (transmission of divine energy) from the Guru, it is actually the third form of God as Supreme Light igniting you via the word "Sat Naam." So now the third form of God as Supreme Light is always with you too. And you experience God in the Creation.

God is Light and God says "I have countless forms, but I have no form." Understand? Every time I give the Naam, there’s a part of me that connects to the recipient. That's why they have visions of me everywhere. So the Naam - the divine energy within the recipient, changes shapes in meditation to teach you. People in my congregation saw in the visions my form transforming into the past saints and out of them came other saints too. That was God showing them that it is all Him in all His lovers.

The twelfth centrury saint Fareed said, “Find the one who has crossed over, he will also carry you.” There is no other way round. God is not a religious book. The book is trying to tell you what God and Guru are and what your mind is.

The beginner starts by bowing to the scriptures. But when you go higher and higher spiritually, then the moment you close your eyes for meditation, you are bowing to Him. When your crown chakra opens you are bowing to Him 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week even if you want to or not! (Baba ji laughs).

The moment you slander a Guru, you are slandering God. You are slandering all your births. When you deny the need of a Guru, you are denying God. When you deny a Guru you deny your right to faith. The moment you say you’re bigger than the Guru you’re going into ego and you forgot the basics.

God is the Supreme Power or Energy. A vibration. The Supreme Light. How do the two (sound vibration i.e the blessed word "Sat Naam" and Supreme Light) meet in the brain? Sit in meditation and solve it. What are you supposed to do after that? Do what God does through you. Go where He takes you. Meet whom He lets you meet. See God in everything and believe it. If you don't believe in your destiny, how are you going to believe in the path you’re walking on? Firstly you must believe in what God is making you do today and break off the shackles of past years. Then this moment will become priceless and precious. And today you will see the Truth.

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